‘Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father 2’                                                                      Series Producer, Cavebear Productions

5 x 30 for NETFLIX. Series Producer of Series 2 of Travels with My Father. Having survived Jack’s GAP Year, it is time for Michael to take control. On this European odyssey father intends to instil a little culture in his son, but as this unlikely duo journey from Bavaria, through Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and on to Istanbul the only thing they learn is that they should never have done this again!


‘Penelope Keith’s Coastal Villages’                                                                                                   Series Producer, Reef Television

3 x 60 for More4. A three-part primetime series presented by Penelope Keith. A series of coastal specials accompanying the actress as she visits three distinct regions of the country to explore what makes village life by the sea so unique. 

‘Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father’                                                                      Producer/Director, Cavebear Productions

6 x 30 for NETFLIX. This brand new travel series follows Jack Whitehall on the GAP year he never had with the most unlikely travel companion, his father Michael. This South East Asian odyssey takes in the heady sights and sounds of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam from Full Moon Parties to Elephant Polo.


‘Coast V Country’                                                                                                                                      Series Producer, Freeform

30 x 60 for C4. A brand new property series filming across the UK, experts Sara Damergi and Kerr Drummond showcase the most stunning parts of Britain as they compete to find the perfect home for a pair of eager house hunters.


‘The Story of Scottish Art’                                                                                                                                Producer/Director, BBC

1 x 60 for BBC4. Episode 2 of a 4 part landmark series casting a spotlight upon the rich history of Scottish Art presented by Lachlan Goudie. This film charts the battle for a distinctive Scottish identity in the century after the Act of Union, filming across Scotland and Italy.

 ‘PINEWOOD: 80 Years of Movie Magic’                                                                                                       Producer/Director, BBC

1 x 60 for BBC2. A primetime Saturday night celebration of British Film. Spearheading the Genius of British Cinema Season, Jonathan Ross returns to the BBC with unprecedented access to the legendary studio where he meets iconic stars and seeks out the award winning teams who work behind the scenes. The film included a number of ambitious stunts, which showcased the studios facilities and even saw Jonathan become a stunt driver, attempting to roll a car.


‘Penelope Keith’s Hidden Villages’                                                                             Series Producer & Director, Reef Television

3 x 60 for More4. A three-part primetime series presented by Penelope Keith. A travel series accompanying the actress as she visits three distinct regions of the country to explore that most quintessentially English institution, the village. 

 ‘Andrew Marr’s Great Scots’                                                                                                                         Producer/Director, BBC

1 x 60 for BBC2. First of a three-part primetime series presented by Andrew Marr. As the historic referendum approached each of these films focused upon a different Scottish writer whose work helped define Scottish Identity. Using a combination of actors and actuality, this film followed in the footsteps of James Boswell, from his riotous journeys to London to the iconic tour he undertook with Samuel Johnson through the Highlands.

‘Secret Knowledge - Hogarth’s lost Pug’                                                                                                      Producer/Director, BBC

1 x 30 for BBC4.  – Ceramics expert and Hogarth obsessive Lars Tharp is on the trail of William Hogarth’s beloved pet pugs. On this quirky journey Lars will show how this plucky breed holds the secrets to so much about the life and work of arguably our nation’s most influential and provocative artist. 


‘The Story of Women and Art                                                                                       Producer/Director, Matchlight Productions

2 x 60 for BBC2. A three part series with Amanda Vickery revealing the hidden stories of female creativity over the last 500 years. Filming across Italy, The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Spain and North America. Episode 1 explored how intrepid and tenacious women found the space to break free from social constraints to pursue their artistic ambition; the final part focused upon the modern era where unprecedented social change offered opportunities in a host of different directions and saw key individuals push the boundaries of art beyond gallery walls. 

 ‘Secret Knowledge’                                                                                                                                         Producer/Director, BBC

Developed, produced and directed The first films in a series of polemical documentaries for BBC4. 

Lucy Worsley and Bolsover Castle 1 x 30 for BBC4.  - Lucy Worsley returns to a place dear to her heart and where she started her career, Bolsover Castle.  A very personal and intimate journey where she shares a long held theory about the place and its rakish former owner, William Cavendish. 

John Bly and the Family Cabinet -1 x 30 for BBC4.  - John Bly is let loose in the Victoria & Albert Museum after hours, seeking out one particular piece of furniture, the Kimbolton Cabinet – the finest piece of 18th Century Furniture in the country; worth millions, it also happens to be the same cabinet his father mortgaged his life to purchase in 1949.


‘Britain and the Sea – Adventure & Exploration’                                                                                       Producer/Director, BBC

1 x 60 for BBC1. First in a four part series presented by David Dimbleby. Each film followed David as he set sail in his own sailing boat along a different stretch of coastline to explore Britain’s unique relationship with the sea through literature, music and art. The production demanded complex logistical planning and a delicate balance between engaging actuality and a robust overarching narrative.

‘Networks of Power’                                                                                                        Producer/Director, Wingspan Productions

2 x 60 for Sky Atlantic. Two programmes (one upon Los Angeles and the other upon New York), which formed part of a series accompanying Sir Christopher Meyer as he examines the power networks at the heart of six of the world’s most influential cities. We secured privileged access to such contributors as Mayor Bloomberg, Barbara Walters, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, Billionaire Philanthropist Eli Broad and Universal Studio Head Ron Meyer, while also filming with former gang members on the streets of LA and the fashion elite behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week.


‘Paul Merton’s Adventures on a Cruise’                                                               Producer/Director, Tiger Aspect Productions

1 x 60 for FIVE. Part of Paul Merton’s travel series. Each show in the series sees Paul attempt to follow the tourist trail on a popular type of holiday. This film followed Paul as he boarded the largest cruise ship in the world for a tour of the Caribbean, visiting Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico in just seven days.

‘Paul Merton’s Adventures in Scotland’                                                               Producer/Director, Tiger Aspect Productions 

1 x 60 for FIVE. Part of Paul Merton’s travel series. Paul leaves the comforts of city life to explore the Great Outdoors where he tries his hand at outdoor pursuits with the help of biker gangs, extreme go carters and even caber tossing honeymooners. 

 ‘Paul Merton’s Adventures in The Alps’                                                              Producer/Director, Tiger Aspect Productions

1 x 60 for FIVE. Part of Paul Merton’s travel series. This particular show explored the growth in Mind, Body and Spirit vacations and included filming across Austria, Switzerland and Italy at a wide range of unusual retreats, spas and festivals.


‘Restoration Man’                                                                                                    Producer/Director, Tiger Aspect Productions

8 Part Series for Channel 4In this second series, architect George Clarke tracks the progress of restoration projects across the country. From warehouses to watermills, each show explores the challenges of sympathetically restoring a former industrial building while converting it for domestic use. 


‘Paul Merton In Europe’                                                                                         Producer/Director, Tiger Aspect Productions

4 x 60 (of 6) for FIVE. A series following Paul Merton exploring the more ‘alternative’ side of Europe. Produced and directed multi camera shoot across three countries (Germany, Ireland and France). Involved from the early stages of development until delivery - overseeing the research and recces through to running simultaneous edits.





Features Department Internship FOX 6 News San Diego, USA


1996 – 1999

BA in English Literature (2:1) Sheffield University

3 A Levels in English Literature, Art and History (Grade A)

11 GCSEs (Including Maths and Statistics)


Full, clean UK Driving licence





References available on request